At ViSalus, we believe we're part of something much bigger than ourselves. That's why “giving back” is at the heart of everything we do.

Whether we’re offering nutritious food, a helping hand or a moment of hope, ViSalus’ culture of giving combines a passion for people with programs that help fulfill our vision for a healthier planet and all those who share it.


A dedication to good health and good nutrition is the cornerstone of ViSalus, but good works are at the heart of everything we do.

From the beginning, ViSalus has been committed to making a difference, championing important causes that people care deeply about. ViSalus Vi-Cares translates our desire to give into a way to give, creating a broad philanthropic platform that brings ViSalus Promoters, Customers and employees together to support a range of programs, partners and causes that make a meaningful, positive impact on the lives of others. Reaching out wherever we can, Vi-Cares allows us to share our success with those less fortunate through charitable giving, community service and grassroots initiatives that fulfill our vision for a healthier world and our commitment to fighting obesity.

Vi-Cares is more than about helping people; it’s about helping people help others, creating and nurturing a consumer movement that builds a healthier future, one person at a time. ViSalus addresses a spectrum of diet-related social concerns under the ViSalus Vi-Cares umbrella, sponsoring programs that empower adults to impact the future by changing the health—and the life—of a child. The good works of the Vi-Community bring good nutrition full circle, passing the gift of good health to the next generation, who will not only shape our future, but inherit our world.

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After studying millions of transformations, we believe that the secret to your Challenge success lies... in the first 10 lbs. To help people reach this important milestone, we launched PROJECT 10—Where every time someone reaches a 10-lb. goal through the PROJECT 10™ program, ViSalus donates 90 days of healthy meals, drinks and snacks on their behalf to helping a child on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

PROJECT 10 Kids gives the Vi-Community an opportunity to share the benefits of achieving a healthier weight with the next generation. It takes our mission even further by helping overweight and obese kids make better nutritional and lifestyle choices for a healthier, longer life.

When you submit your PROJECT 10 results (either lose 10 lbs. or add 10 lbs. of lean muscle), ViSalus will donate 30 Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake meals to a child in need, through PROJECT 10 Kids. That’s a whole month of nutritious breakfast, lunch or snack options that will put an at-risk, overweight or obese child on the path to a healthier life. When you lose, they win.


Lose 10 lbs. -- or add 10 lbs. of lean muscle -- through PROJECT 10, then submit your results at enter.vi.com.

ViSalus donates 30 Vi-Shape Shake meals to an at-risk, overweight or obese child in the United States or Canada. Plus, we’ll keep donating every time you lose another 10 lbs. (or add 10 lbs. of lean muscle) and submit a new “i LOST it.” or “i BUILT it.” video!

You receive an “i LOST it.” or “i BUILT it” t-shirt with “And a Child Wins” on the back.


We’ll donate for you, too! ViSalus will give 30 shake meals for every person who has already submitted successful PROJECT 10 results. That’s a whole month’s worth of meals for a child in need thanks to you and PROJECT 10 Kids.

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Vi-Cares' signature giving program is the Vi Community Challenge, a community outreach program that connects those who want to help with those who need it most. By donating nutritious ViSalus Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shakes, Vi Crunch™ Super Cereal and Chocolate Chip Nutra-Cookie™ snacks to children’s charities across North America, ViSalus Promoters and Customers can give back to their local communities by helping hungry, overweight or undernourished children receive the nutrition they need to lead healthier lives.

Through the Vi Community Challenge, ViSalus matches donations shake for shake, bowl for bowl, or cookie for cookie, doubling the impact of every gift. Working with more than 280 nonprofits, the Vi-Community has donated over four million shakes and cookies through food banks, churches, and nonprofit youth organizations offering weight management and nutrition education programs, along with disaster relief efforts throughout the United States and Canada. Every donation makes a difference, giving an at-risk child the essential nutrition to grow up healthy and strong.



Our first Vi-Cares initiative honored National Hunger Awareness Month by donating a total of 510,880 Nutra-Cookies™ to West Virginia’s Huntington Area Food Bank.

Members of the Vi-Community were on-site when 420,000 Nutra-Cookies were donated on a single day, ultimately awarding ViSalus with the world record by Guinness World Records™. More importantly, the mountain of ViSalus Nutra-Cookies gave healthy “mini meals” to more than 97,000 nutritionally deprived individuals in 17 high-need counties.

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We challenge you to help make Saturday, December 14th the World’s Largest Giving Day!

Participate. Donate. Collaborate FIND OUT HOW HERE

ViSalus' World's Largest Giving Day 2012
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